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Why seeing a health care provider that specializes in obesity is key:


While your own doctor may or may not be able to help you lose weight, either through diet and lifestyle recommendations or medication, seeing an obesity medicine specialist at Resolve Medical Weight Loss has distinct advantages which will help with your success. First and foremost, we are experts trained in the evaluation and management of individuals affected by obesity, which is above and beyond our training in internal and family medicine.


The obesity epidemic has taken over America. With over one third of our country classified as obese and almost two thirds of our country overweight, the chance of it affecting you or your family is very high. The “diet industry” has done a great job at confusing the public on what the best way to lose weight may be. Between trendy and sometimes dangerous diets, to infomercials promising a “beach body” in 9 weeks, most people are unsure which direction to go. While exercise is important and vital for overall health, it alone is usually not the answer. Choosing to work with a medical practice like Resolve puts you at an advantage, as our job is to simplify the process and show you what is best for you. Think of us as a “personal trainer” for your weight loss journey. Let Resolve guide you along the path of health and wellness.

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