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One of the latest medications to gain FDA approval for weight loss in overweight or obese patients is Contrave (naltrexone HCL/bupropion HCL) 8mg/90mg extended-release tablets. Contrave takes two well established medications, and combines them in a special extended release tablet at a lower dose than available as separate medications.


Contrave has shown to increase weight loss when combined with diet and lifestyle changes. It works in about two thirds of patients that take the medication to produce clinically meaningful weight loss safely. While Contrave is not for everyone, we can determine at your visit if you are a candidate.  Insurance coverage is fairly good with many patients insurance plans covering the majority of the cost of the medication. If you don’t have insurance, or your plan doesn’t cover the cost of the medication, the manufacturer has a discount program you may be entitled to use.


The ideal patient for Contrave is someone with cravings for carbohydrates as one of the main issues in the battle with their weight.  It is also helpful in patients who cannot tolerate other weight loss medications that might make them feel jittery, like phentermine.

While medication is a great step in the battle to lose weight, just taking a medication might not be enough. While your primary care doctor may be able to prescribe Contrave, its is unlikely that they will be able to provide the other important pieces of the weight loss puzzle. At Resolve Medical Weight Loss, that is what we do, every day. Seeing a weight loss professional gives you the best chance to succeed.


To find out if Contrave will help you, please call the Resolve at 770-487-3200 to schedule your consultation.


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