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Experience the Difference As We Care For You, and About You.

Resolve's weight management program features

personalized treatment methods for:

  • Patients that are overweight or obese and seeking help with weight loss, no matter the amount of weight you want to lose. We have helped patients lose 10-100+ pounds and want to assist you with your weight loss journey too.

  • Patients needing help and counseling regarding the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and looking to optimize their weight.

  • Patients who had bariatric surgery in the past and need help with weight maintenance, nutritional and medical monitoring, management of weight regain, nutritional deficiencies and surgery-related medical problems.


Resolve's Treatment Philosophy

Evidence-Based Weight Management

Your Resolve Medical Weight Loss team is committed to using evidence-based therapies to treat all weight concerns. The full spectrum of medical, behavioral, nutritional, environmental and physical fitness aspects is explored. Our medical approach differentiates us from commercial franchise weight loss programs and “miracle weight loss” solutions as it is not only comprehensive, personalized and innovative but also deeply anchored in scientific evidence.

Treating the “Whole Person”

Your weight concerns and your life are intertwined and connected. Your weight cannot be effectively managed without a thorough understanding of you as a whole person as well as the aspects of your life that may affect your weight.We strive to understand you and your struggles and enable you to live the life you want for yourself—a better, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Resolve Medical Weight Loss


Resolve Medical Weight Loss is committed to providing all of our clients a customized weight loss program in a warm and supportive environment that is dedicated to your success. Our medical providers use the latest techniques and medical data available in the field of weight loss. We know that treating people with weight problems isn’t simply a matter of telling them to “eat less and exercise more”. Resolve offers a long-term weight loss approach and we take great pride in helping our clients reach their goals. We look forward to working with you! 

There are several program options available to you at Resolve Medical Weight Loss; each will enable you to lose weight at varying rates. Depending on your medical history, degree of fitness and motivation level, you and your Resolve Medical Weight Loss medical provider can decide which weight loss program will be best for you.

Once you reach your goal weight, Resolve Medical Weight Loss will continue to work with you to maintain your results. Whether you have lost weight for cosmetic reasons or you have serious health concerns, periodic support and guidance are needed for an individual to successfully keep weight off long term. We will develop an individualized plan for follow up maintenance visits. Resolve will be there to support you!

Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation will last approximately one hour. During this time you will meet with members of our treatment team including Jennifer Robinson, FNP-C who will review your medical and weight history, discuss your short and long term weight loss goals and create an individualized diet/nutrition plan, which may include prescriptions for an FDA approved weight loss medication (if medically appropriate), B-12/Lipo injections or a probiotic supplement.
Follow Up Appointments
Your follow up appointments will be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your weight loss program. At each follow up appointment, our medical providers will monitor your health and progress. Follow-up visits provide one-on-one counseling and education on lifestyle changes as well as monitoring your medications and addressing any concerns or issues since your last visit. 
Available Weight Loss Options:

• For some patients, an FDA approved medication may be used to help decrease your appetite and increase your metabolism. Newer medications such as Zepbound, Wegovy, Contrave, Saxenda and Qsymia are now available and might be an appropriate treatment option.​

• Vitamin and supplements such as B-12/Lipo injections or a probiotic designed specifically for weight loss patients that can enhance your desired weight loss outcome.

• Medically developed and supervised low calorie diet plan using your own food, specific to your metabolic needs. You will be supported with individualized counseling and education during one-on-one follow up appointments with a licensed medical provider.

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